Linux Distribution Review: Xubuntu 15.04

After increasing the ram on my trusty Dell Precision 380 to 4Gb, it still seemed to struggle a bit with KDE4. Opensuse 13.1 worked well but seemed slow, I decided that I needed a lighter system and had heard good things about xfce 4.12 and xubuntu. With a heavy heart it was time to take the plunge and re-install with Xubuntu 15.04.

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Linux Distribution Review: Netrunner 4.2 (Dryland)

I noticed Netrunner 4.2 on distrowatch and was interested to see that it gets very good reviews and is considered by some, to be better than Linux Mint 12 KDE-the latter I use as my desktop system. All a bit strange, Linux Mint is No 1 on Distrowatch and Netrunner is 55. Naturally, I was compelled to download it and have a look, like most mainstream distros it runs as a live DVD with an install to hard disk option.

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Linux Distribution Review: Fedora 17

Fedora is often labeled a geek or developers distribution, maybe because each new version contains something innovative, or a bit too new? In 17, Fedora have decided to tidy up a file system quirk in /usr, improve kernel virtualisation and head in to the cloud with openstack. They were hinting at an adaptive firewall and btrfs file-system option, but that won’t happen until Fedora 18.

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