SF Review: The Hydrogen Sonata (Iain M. Banks) UPDATED

UPDATED 3rd April 2013:

It came as quite a shock when I heard on the news just now, that a man I have never met nor spoken to has inoperable gall bladder cancer and has been given an estimated year to live by his doctors. I am talking about Mr Iain Banks. I can honestly say, I am utterly shocked. There are not that many good writers and there are very few in Mr Bank’s class. In a world where talent and ability have been usurped by confidence tricksters and grovelling toads, Iain Banks stood out through sheer quality. Let’s all hope that something wonderful happens.

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Linux Distribution Review: OpenSuse 12.2 KDE

You know how it gets with Linux: you wake up and decide it’s time to use a more cutting edge distro,  or you decide it’s time to try out a more conservative offering,  or you want to jump ship to KDE. Maybe you have gone nuts over the new Gnome shell or want to try out that distro right near the bottom of the Distrowatch league table-that about 3 people use!

For me, it was time for a reliable, stable kde distribution that does all the donkey work. After some serious googling I plumped for Opensuse 12.2.

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Linux Distribution Review: Netrunner 4.2 (Dryland)

I noticed Netrunner 4.2 on distrowatch and was interested to see that it gets very good reviews and is considered by some, to be better than Linux Mint 12 KDE-the latter I use as my desktop system. All a bit strange, Linux Mint is No 1 on Distrowatch and Netrunner is 55. Naturally, I was compelled to download it and have a look, like most mainstream distros it runs as a live DVD with an install to hard disk option.

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Linux Distribution Review: Fedora 17

Fedora is often labeled a geek or developers distribution, maybe because each new version contains something innovative, or a bit too new? In 17, Fedora have decided to tidy up a file system quirk in /usr, improve kernel virtualisation and head in to the cloud with openstack. They were hinting at an adaptive firewall and btrfs file-system option, but that won’t happen until Fedora 18.

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Linux Distribution Review: Linux Mint 12 KDE

I was delighted to hear that KDE was back in the groove again with a fast, stable and extremely usable system- SC 4.8. After the dark age of versions 4.0 to 4.7,  it was music to my ears. The jump from 3 to 4 had indeed been traumatic, as the KDE developers gradually managed to get their version 4 code to work properly. Taking a quick look around I went for Linux Mint 12 KDE

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