Linux Distribution Review: Xubuntu 15.04

After increasing the ram on my trusty Dell Precision 380 to 4Gb, it still seemed to struggle a bit with KDE4. Opensuse 13.1 worked well but seemed slow, I decided that I needed a lighter system and had heard good things about xfce 4.12 and xubuntu. With a heavy heart it was time to take the plunge and re-install with Xubuntu 15.04.

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Linux Distribution Review: Opensuse 13.1 KDE

I had been looking forward to the release of Opensuse 13.1. 12.3 had been the first time I had used a Opensuse distro and I was impressed – I just had to see what the Opensuse team had done to improve upon that.

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Linux distribution review: Opensuse 12.3

I have been using Opensuse 12.3 KDE since its release as my main desktop system. There is no doubt in my mind, it is a top notch system easily the equivalent of windows 8 or mac os X. That’s sort of a controversial thing to say: an open source system that is free to download, developed by gifted ‘amateurs’ is as good as an operating system that cost millions to develop? Yes, it is – read on to see how I came to that conclusion.

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Linux Distribution Review: OpenSuse 12.2 KDE

You know how it gets with Linux: you wake up and decide it’s time to use a more cutting edge distro,  or you decide it’s time to try out a more conservative offering,  or you want to jump ship to KDE. Maybe you have gone nuts over the new Gnome shell or want to try out that distro right near the bottom of the Distrowatch league table-that about 3 people use!

For me, it was time for a reliable, stable kde distribution that does all the donkey work. After some serious googling I plumped for Opensuse 12.2.

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Linux Distribution Review: Netrunner 4.2 (Dryland)

I noticed Netrunner 4.2 on distrowatch and was interested to see that it gets very good reviews and is considered by some, to be better than Linux Mint 12 KDE-the latter I use as my desktop system. All a bit strange, Linux Mint is No 1 on Distrowatch and Netrunner is 55. Naturally, I was compelled to download it and have a look, like most mainstream distros it runs as a live DVD with an install to hard disk option.

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