Good Books List 1: there’s nothing like a good read in the bath

The novels near the top are brilliant, anything with a 7 or above you should read – trust me!  Some alleged classics were so poor I couldn’t finish them, so they get a zero rank. The Author column is in family name, first name order. If the initial view of the spreadsheet is a bit small, just click on the scribd panel icon that looks like a rectangle with a black corner -or simply download it. Obviously, any remarks are my personal opinion and due to space constraints are more terse than I would like.  If you have read any of the books, please do let me know what you thought.

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SF Review: The Hydrogen Sonata (Iain M. Banks) UPDATED

UPDATED 3rd April 2013:

It came as quite a shock when I heard on the news just now, that a man I have never met nor spoken to has inoperable gall bladder cancer and has been given an estimated year to live by his doctors. I am talking about Mr Iain Banks. I can honestly say, I am utterly shocked. There are not that many good writers and there are very few in Mr Bank’s class. In a world where talent and ability have been usurped by confidence tricksters and grovelling toads, Iain Banks stood out through sheer quality. Let’s all hope that something wonderful happens.

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